Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dont' be Shopaholic

Are you a Shopaholic? Do you spend more on just shopping only? Whenever you see something new in a shop, you are forced by 'consuming passion' to purchase it? Is you closet full of things you don't need? if yes, then you are a Shopaholic.

You are spending too much if you are a shopaholic. So to save money you need to control yourself.

  • Don't buy something to please yourself : There may be an inner call to shop something so that you may be happy, and instead if surrendering to this urge, talk to someone who matters to you, makes you laugh, take a walk or relax at home watching an old film.
  • Don't buy things you never use : Shopping is an addiction, so shopaholic are unable to control their impulses. Try to ask your self, Do you really want this thing?

Make friends who are wisely spending and give an ear to their tips.


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