Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cooking Fuel/Gas Saving Tips

Some Tips on conservation of fuel:

  • Organise your cooking. Keep all ingredients ready for cooking. This will help you cook rapidly and thus save gas.
  • If you have to stop cooking for a short while, shut off the gas. After all, it's cheaper to light another match.
  • Use as little liquid as possible when cooking - surplus water requires more heating and therefore more gas is used than is necessary.
  • Match the burner to the vessel. Use a small vessel on a small burner. A large burner consumes 15 percent more gas.
  • Cover the vessel while cooking. A cover helps prevent the steam from escaping. This means quicker cooking. A cover also helps retain the aroma of the food.
  • The family that eats together saves gas. If you have to heat food just once, it means less waste. Reheated food is also less nutritious.



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