Tuesday, June 27, 2006

How to make your cooking gas last longer?

  • Organise your cooking :Prepare all the ingredients and keep them ready for cooking. This means you can cook rapidly. If you have to stop cooking for a short while shut off the gas. It's cheaper to light another match.
  • The family that eats together saves gas : If you have to heat food just once, it means less waste. Reheated food is also less nutritious.
  • A gas burner has two positions - use them :Once you bring a liquid to boil or the food becomes hot you can keep it hot by using the simmer position hereby saving a lot of gas. Because at the simmer position gas flows out at only 1/4 to 1/3 the full rate. Try it out and see.
  • The colour and height of the flame are very important :If the flame is blue in colour, everything is fine. If the outlet holes are blocked and the flame is yellow, have the stove checked by a mechanic. The flame should never extend beyond the bottom of the pan. This saves gas and makes sure the food is cooked properly, especially if there is liquid inside the pan or vessel.



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