Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fuel Saving Tips

The recent fuel price hiking by Indian government is surely be pinching you pocket like never before. It is like fuel is burning out in our pockets first rather than in our vehicles.There are many ways by which you can save cost of commuting and let others also know this information, so that everybody can be able to save fuel cost. Try out these simple tips to make each drop last longer:

  1. Drive between 45-55 km/hr to get up to 40 % extra milage. The faster you go, the more wind resistance you vehicle faces and more petrol you waste.
  2. Avoid accelerating or decelerating unnecessary.
  3. Tune your car regularly. You can save as much as 6% of your fule expenses by turning you car regularly.
  4. Use bi-metalic spark plugs to save over 1.5 percent fule and
  5. Get your car serviced at every 5000 KM.
  6. Drive in the correct gear. Incorrect gear shifting can lead to as much as 20% increase in fuel consumption.
  7. Always start your car in the first gear unless you are in muddy patch or going downlhill.
  8. Don't wait for your car to warm up. Instead, drive in low gear with low speed till the engine warms up. Use choke briefly only if necessary.
  9. At 10 degree Centigrade and below, the fuel consumption per kilomtere doubles if you make trip of 5 kms or less.
  10. Stop-and-Go driving wastes fuel. When you slam on the brakes, a lot of useful energy is wasted in the form of heat. Try and anticipate stops.
  11. Check wheel alignment at regular intervals.
  12. Keep your foot off the clutch. Use it only when you change gears as it causese loss of energy and damage clutch-linings.
  13. Always use your handbrake when you stop on a slope and don't forget to release it while restarting.
  14. Don't manupulate the clutch and accelerator to stay stationary as it wastes fuel.
  15. Clean air filter regularly to prevent the dust from spoiling the engine.
  16. Watch the type pressure. Under-inflated tyre increase rolling resistance leading to higher petrol consumption.
  17. User redial tyre for 3-7 % fuel economy, longer tyre life and greater riding comfort.
  18. Switch off the engine at stops of over 2 minutes.
  19. Use the recomended grade of oil given in the car manual for your vehicle.
  20. To get more milage from each litre of petrol, take a less congested route, even though slightly longer. Fuel consumption in a highly congested road can be double the normal.
  21. Avoid unnecessary loads as they increase fule consumption. A reduction of weight by 50 Kg can lead up to 2% saving in fuel.
  22. Instead of filling petrol at short intervals, tank up to cut the cost of pulling into and out of petrol pumps every day.
  23. Always park you car in shade. It minimises vapourisation of petrol.
  24. Go for car pools to share the cost of your fuel consumption.
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